Capital In-Ground Trampoline Kit 10ft – Gray


A good size trampoline if space is limited. This 10 ft purpose designed in-ground trampoline kit is the highest specification In Ground on the market. Our innovative design is completely flush to ground and will blend seamlessly into your lawn. You can even DIY on the installation with our helpful guides.

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This mid-size round 10ft in ground trampoline is great for young children ready to have lots of fun outdoors! Easy DIY installation!

  • A complete kit – This round 10ft in ground trampoline comes with the trampoline and pads, purpose built retaining wall (which stops the soil falling back into the hole) and clear instructions.
  • Quality bounce Our In-ground Trampolines have an excellent bounce. We only use high quality commercial grade springs
  • Great fun – Owning a mid-size trampoline like this one is a sure way to get the kids outside and away from those screens!
  • Innovative technology – Capital Play In-Ground Trampoline kit uses special TDU vented pads, which allow the air to escape up between the springs and literally through the safety padding. This allows air to pass through the actual jump-mat itself therefore removing the issue of resistance against trapped air, giving a quieter and better bounce.
  • Net options – The beauty of an in-ground trampoline is that you don’t need a net at all! However, we also offer a range of net options, including full, half and quarter nets to suit your needs.
  • Easy DIY installation – Our in-ground trampoline kit are designed to be easily installed yourself. Our website offers some great videos and tips for installation.
  • Kid Friendly – Young children sometimes get frightened being zipped inside a net away from their mom or dad. An in-ground allows parents and children to interact more – mom and dad can stay in close contact at all times. We are the only company to offer full, half and quarter safety net options.

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10ft Round Full Enclosure (+$320.00), No Enclosure

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10ft Round Cover (+$175.00), No Cover


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