Capital Rectangular In-Ground Trampoline Kit 11ft x 8ft – Green


Our 11x8ft is a popular medium-size in-ground rectangular trampoline. This high quality in-ground trampoline kit comes with everything you need for easy DIY installation in your own back yard. It’s rectangular shape is great for fitting neatly into a corner with little wasted space.

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The 11ft x 8ft is one of our popular mid-size in ground trampoline. Great for families with mid-size backyards and adventurous children!

  • A complete kit – This 11ft x 8ft rectangular in ground trampoline kit comes with the trampoline and pads, purpose built retaining wall (which stops the soil falling back into the hole) and clear instructions.
  • Quality bounce Our In-ground Trampolines have an excellent bounce. We only use high quality commercial grade springs
  • Great outdoor fun – Owning a trampoline is a sure way to get the kids outside and away from those screens!
  • Innovative technology – Capital Play In-Ground Trampoline kit uses special TDU vented pads, which allow the air to escape up between the springs and literally through the safety padding. This allows air to pass through the actual jump-mat itself therefore removing the issue of resistance against trapped air, giving a quieter and better bounce.
  • Net options – The beauty of an mid-size trampoline is that you don’t need a net at all! However, we also offer a range of net options, including full, half and quarter nets to suit your needs.
  • Easy DIY installation – Our 11ft x 8ft rectangular in ground trampoline is designed to be easily installed yourself. Our website offers some great videos and tips for installation.
  • We take you step-by-step through the installation stages of a rectangular Capital In-ground Trampoline. This video is a “must watch” if you are about to install one of our trampolines in your garden. Our team are always on the end of the phone if you need a little help or advice.

  • Lift the trampoline into the hole and place on the ledge ensuring the frame is at the correct height. Then back-fill in the gap on the outside of the frame, compact the soil and re-turf.

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